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  1. Vocaloid (not limited to virtual singers with Vocaloid systhesis engine)
  2. ACGN (2D world)
  3. Technology & Computer Science
  4. Life
  5. Game

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CXwudi is a senior Otaku who likes Vocaloid, Animes, Technologies, Computer Science, Games, and Vancouver.

  • Vocaloid
    • 10+ years Miku fan
    • 8+ years of experience finding new Vocaloid song
      • Mainly through checking various daily/weekly/monthly Vocaloid ranking lists/videos
      • Maintaining personal yearly Vocaloid new songs collection and publishing it in Baidu Tieba (Sorry, it is only available for Chinese Miku fan so far)
      • Knowing a lot of great Vocaloid Producers and Pixiv Artists
    • Casual Project Diva and OSU Player
    • Forever a Miku fan (^∀^●)ノシ
  • ACGN
    • 9+ years aniem fan
      • Have watched 130+ animes
      • Favourite type is heart-touching animes like Clannad, Anohana
      • Not too much experience of reading Manga, playing Galgames, or reading light novels :(
    • Anime is Life. Life is Anime ~\(≧▽≦)/~
  • Technology
    • Interested in tech news related to: PC (CPU, GPU and etc), Phone, Softwares, Music/Video related (FFmpeg, Hi-Res, encoding/decoding, MadVR and etc)
  • Computer Science
    • My stack:
      • Languages & Frameworks: Java/Kotlin, Python, Spring, GraalVM
      • Environment: Linux, Windows, Docker, WSL2
      • Cloud: DigitalOcean, AWS
      • Tools: Intellij IDEA, VSCode, GitHub
      • Methods: Agile Development, TDD
  • Game
    • Pillar of Socialization: Apex Legend (not playing unless my friends call me)
    • Pillar of Combat: Dungeon Fighter Online (Casual player, would stop playing for a long time and return for a few weeks)
    • Pillar of Rhythm: Project DIVA series, OSU
    • Pillar of 2D world: Genshin Impact (but rarely played)